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About Super Mario Run Coins Hack & Cheats

Just few months after the Pokemon Go Madness, Nintendo strikes again. This time is entirely their shot, and this shot is called Super Mario Run. Another great legend who waited for so long to be revived.

The game is a side-scrolling auto runner video game, created by Shigeru Miyamoto, developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo. Super Mario Run it’s designed to work on mobile smartphones with iOS and Android software. The release is scheduled for iOS on December 2016 and for Android later in 2017. Nintendo said that the game will be free to play, with several in-app items and content to purchase.

We can’t wait to play this game!


The basic idea of the game, is the auto runner platform who basically will move the character constantly forward – from left to right. The player will tell Mario when he has to jump by tapping the touch screen. There is catch, though – the longer the screen will be touched, the higher Mario will jump.

Player will manage to jump into coins and land over enemies. The main goal is to hit the finish line as fast as you can while keeping Mario alive.

The game will consist three kinds of playing modes. The one will be the main mode, that we have just spoken. The second one is called „Toad Rally”, in which you can challenge ghost versions of other player, just like those time attacks in Mario Kart. Both modes will give the player coins, which can be used to acquire items for developing their „Mushroom Kingom” – the third mode of playing.

Development and release

At Apple Inc., which takes places on September 7 and is also the annual iPhone release event, Shigeru Miyamoto announced for the first time that Super Mario Run will be released in December. This is the second mobile game released by Nintendo from their last five games. It is also the first Mario game developed only for smartphones.

Graphics used will the 2.5D and will be pretty much like those from New Super Mario Bros. The engine that will run will be Unity Engine.

The analysts said that the stock of Nintendo ascend almost as high as was after the release of Pokemon Go. They expect it to boost up far more after the official release.

Super Mario Run hack & cheats